11 July 2009

boring :(

I feel bored...uuhh...is there anything more worse than having this feeling?? "waiting is boring", yupz, the proverb is now proven!! specially when we wait for the uncertain thing..!! ohhh!
I like busy days, I want my brain works as it should be!! Please no more leisure..:)Thought the real leisure is in paradise...not in this world! u gain nothing if u do nothing :( and almost one month I did nothing, omiGod??!!
Yes, holiday is nice but it wouldn't be nicer when you take it too long! Both brain and body need to effectively being worked. I mean, I need more than what I use to do on daily activities as mom, as housewife...hhh...boring!
What to do? Uuffhh, I'm really stagnant, lack of ideas! It may slowly drive me insane...oh, no! I couldn't wait for more...! help...help...

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  1. You're right. We need to get ourselves as busy as possible.


Thanks dear...happy shopping and sharing :)