19 July 2009

face care

2. Face care (sequel post)

Face is the essential part of beauty, thus no wonder that people specially women sacrifice more on their money for its treatment. The needs are ranging on how to make it fairer, younger, smoother and fresher. …..ahaa, who don’t wanna so??
Simple daily treatment like cleansing your make-up before going to sleep is actually the very basic need of caring your face. Try to do it as routines, to help regenerating your skin face.

Facial is the most treatment people usually do on their visits to beauty centers. There are a lot of kinds, some of them are oxygenate facial, diamond facial, gold facial which have to be handled by specialist or beautician. But if u have no serious skin problem on your face, u can just undergo a natural way for treatment which u may do it in your spa - if u wanna get a complete package of great sensation – or do it at home by your own. And here are the steps:
- Firstly, cleanse your face with simple massage by your fingers, always addressed your move up (down to top).
- Remove it by warm water then put a little toner on d cotton and apply it on
- Peel off or scrub specially the T area on your face, to help removing dead skins (it is not suggested for a very sensitive or pimply face)
- Take off comedos/acnes using special tool then cleanse up by warm water (put alcohol 70% on acnes)
- Do massage using cream massage to make d blood circulation functioned as well (it’s also not suggested if u have blackheads on your face)
- Remove cream by warm water, following by cold water (simple therapy to minimize d skin pores)
- Put the face mask thoroughly on your face and let it dry
- Remove softly by warm water, following by cold water
- Lastly, put moisturizer and give a release for your face with no make-up at least three hours.

Acnes or blackheads on your face are normal, not to be much worry. Just keep it away from your fingers, and cleanse your face as usual. Herbal plant like sirih could make acne dry faster; take some leaves, get its extracts then put it on acnes (do it for times!).

Feel gorgeous!! (to be continued...)

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