30 July 2009

three qualities

The coming moment is not recently happening, but I just got my fingers free to dance on this keyboard…hope it’s not too late to share u..
my friend wrote “a catchy” status in fb as he said “Men wanted three qualities in their wives; economist in kitchen, artist in home and devil in bed. But they are getting; artist in kitchen, devil in home and economist in bed”. Ohooo…what “a perfect conclusion”! Well, may be it’s too sensitive for women to be granted like this way especially wives like me. But then, I see it’s simply telling us the truth, the reality in which is out of our consideration at times. Why must be denied??
Does it sound unfair? I don’t think so! Men have their own qualities in their women even before they get married, and so as women. Nothing’s going wrong in it, they just wanna be honest anyway! Let’s get a perspective into our mind…it’s reflecting both hopes and confession of our men..:)
Ready to be challenged?? Mmh….why not??

27 July 2009

may I share u, Sir? ( HAN Reflection)

Dear Mr. President,

I don’t know very well about you…and I simply know you because I can easily find your picture’s hanged on my class corner…what I know about you is that you are the first person in this lovely country, as my teacher ever told me…
I’m writing you now under little light of a candle which my mother shares me…because there’s no electricity in my village…I wish I will have it someday…it must be nice…
I love to learn, but my parents told me that working is much essential for me to help them afford our needs…
I like to read, but seems to me that rice is now more important than books…
I feel like having a dream…but need to be woke up…
Is it how life going? And how is yours? I’m so curious…

With all respect,
Your secret admirer

25 July 2009

flowers and rain

Ahhaa….they’re smiling again to me!! After a long sadness of hoping d rain…which is finally flowing from d sky…my flowers are shining my day again…!! Na na na na…..let’s go green!! Let’s dance with d rhythm of d rain…!! Love to see u happy living in this world…make it better home to lay on our hopes… make it better place to breath in our days…

Oh rain…u are coming again..
Flow and flow…I will follow…
Let’s get wet…and feel as sunset…
Keep on d music….tic tic tic…and create your own lyrics…
Flow and flow...and take me out of sorrow..
Treat me nicely, then I will be happy...

22 July 2009

unforgettable esplanade

It was happening years ago when I was pregnant my first baby...but a day dream this morning took me back to those unique moments which I'd like to share u :)

A friend of mine who is half Russian and has married to Singaporean invited me and my husband to come to Singapore joining them on New Year party...ahaa, it's really bewitched offer!! thought not to lose it...! But then, our plan was stagnant as we knew that Singapore regulations restricted foreigners to get in the country if they're on their old pregnancy. Ya ya, it's normally happened anywhere for d reason that they could consciously come to delivering babies and get benefit from being citizenship there....and how unlucky me, was on d eighth month of my pregnancy in that time!! huuh...

I was very sad, until my friend called me back and told me that they had a good idea. Ahai, sounds very good on me!! They said, "u go from KL (I was living in KL) to Johor Bahru, then we would pick u up there by car, cos -if we took a car- immigration usually would not go through on checking everyone of us, we just needed to give them our passports and they would took a peep from rift of our car. Like a genius, my friend straightly put some magazines and her jacket on my stomach concealing my pregnancy...and...they nodded!! huffhhh...that was really tensing!! oh, thanks God!
We spent couple of days enjoying the lion country, it was nice and wonderful!! My friend and her family treated us very very well...their kindness was awfully worth!!

The peak agenda was coming, enjoying New Year party on Esplanade...ohhooo! I like this part!! It was about 4 hours to 12 o'clock, Esplanade was very great and beautiful! The lighted balloons were scattered on d river and telling us about romance...whoooaa...wanna go back there!! Spending hours, we went to a big cinema which was not really far from there, and just need to walk away for about 25 minutes. The movie was entitled "the chronicle of Narnia" which I loved too...and we finally drew near 12 o'clock, and got a move on reaching Esplanade by taxi!! But...how pity!! We got traffic jam, stagnant...no move at all!! Drivers were beginning to scramble on screaming through their horns, ohh...how rustling!! I thought not to lose the special moment, so I told my friend, "we'd to get out off this taxi and run"...haaa?? my friend was surprised but then just followed by me...go go...I run..run and run...even some of people were starring questionably on me..."an old pregnant woman was running in d middle of d night, among d people's festivity"...hehe...these words must be in their mind!! Even my husband and friend told me loudly, "hiii, remember u're pregnant!! be careful! are u crazy??"...hmmm, I just didn't know, like there's something pushed me to do those "madness" hihi...or that must be my baby wish?? ahhh...anyway, thanks God that I got my baby boy safely and healthy...he's so cute, strong, tough and naughty like "his mom"...:)
Mmmhh...I think I would like to tell this story to him later...:))

21 July 2009

award from cheexa

The award is taken from cheexa blog, as I've just visited hers n by chance, the recent post is about to take one of d awards, which is "compulsory"...haha...love that word! Okay then, I choose the most lovable to me...for d reason that it's reflecting "a sisterhood"...thus I always like to build with...everyone in this world!! Thanks cheexa :)

20 July 2009

how to say "don'ts" to kids?

Kids are full of miracles and surprises! They are innocent, cute and mostly unpredictable in their actions…J They may suddenly cry hard or laugh happily for simple things…but they are always entertaining and amusing. Really!
In their first years or we called it the golden ages, they absorb and learn everything around their life; actions, languages, music, etc with quite fast or even faster and stronger than what we ever think. Just to take an example; my little boy who is still 3,5 years old, has memorized most of today’s single hits and some advertisements on television show which –I think- is not really good for him….wups, how come?? This only one example how the electronic media comes with negative effects on our children. And honestly, I have a big task on handling it now….(share me if u don’t mind….!) But some friends of mine say that it doesn’t mean negative “at all”---> they say, “if your boy has musical attractiveness, means that he has a good emotional control, cos his left brain works as it should be, so no more worries, just guide and do a balance such as introducing them good songs which is more suitable to their ages” Ooooh, hope so! ! And I see that he could recite and memorize some short surah of Al-Qur’an as well as he sings those songs…hhmmm…oh my!! J
Psychologists say,” try not to say “don’ts” to kids, and just let them grow as they are, exploring their surroundings naturally” ……it’s not easy, oh yes, because parents specially moms (who are enough tired doing home-things) sometimes have no more patience and time to say “please….” (language of guiding) to their kids. And “don’ts” is practically easy to avoid them doing negative or danger actions as well….(it happen to me anyway!...:p)
How hard and how difficult it could be, but educating our children is a great responsible in our life….let’s just give them our best, then we would never regret…

19 July 2009

face care

2. Face care (sequel post)

Face is the essential part of beauty, thus no wonder that people specially women sacrifice more on their money for its treatment. The needs are ranging on how to make it fairer, younger, smoother and fresher. …..ahaa, who don’t wanna so??
Simple daily treatment like cleansing your make-up before going to sleep is actually the very basic need of caring your face. Try to do it as routines, to help regenerating your skin face.

Facial is the most treatment people usually do on their visits to beauty centers. There are a lot of kinds, some of them are oxygenate facial, diamond facial, gold facial which have to be handled by specialist or beautician. But if u have no serious skin problem on your face, u can just undergo a natural way for treatment which u may do it in your spa - if u wanna get a complete package of great sensation – or do it at home by your own. And here are the steps:
- Firstly, cleanse your face with simple massage by your fingers, always addressed your move up (down to top).
- Remove it by warm water then put a little toner on d cotton and apply it on
- Peel off or scrub specially the T area on your face, to help removing dead skins (it is not suggested for a very sensitive or pimply face)
- Take off comedos/acnes using special tool then cleanse up by warm water (put alcohol 70% on acnes)
- Do massage using cream massage to make d blood circulation functioned as well (it’s also not suggested if u have blackheads on your face)
- Remove cream by warm water, following by cold water (simple therapy to minimize d skin pores)
- Put the face mask thoroughly on your face and let it dry
- Remove softly by warm water, following by cold water
- Lastly, put moisturizer and give a release for your face with no make-up at least three hours.

Acnes or blackheads on your face are normal, not to be much worry. Just keep it away from your fingers, and cleanse your face as usual. Herbal plant like sirih could make acne dry faster; take some leaves, get its extracts then put it on acnes (do it for times!).

Feel gorgeous!! (to be continued...)

11 July 2009

boring :(

I feel bored...uuhh...is there anything more worse than having this feeling?? "waiting is boring", yupz, the proverb is now proven!! specially when we wait for the uncertain thing..!! ohhh!
I like busy days, I want my brain works as it should be!! Please no more leisure..:)Thought the real leisure is in paradise...not in this world! u gain nothing if u do nothing :( and almost one month I did nothing, omiGod??!!
Yes, holiday is nice but it wouldn't be nicer when you take it too long! Both brain and body need to effectively being worked. I mean, I need more than what I use to do on daily activities as mom, as housewife...hhh...boring!
What to do? Uuffhh, I'm really stagnant, lack of ideas! It may slowly drive me insane...oh, no! I couldn't wait for more...! help...help...