30 July 2009

three qualities

The coming moment is not recently happening, but I just got my fingers free to dance on this keyboard…hope it’s not too late to share u..
my friend wrote “a catchy” status in fb as he said “Men wanted three qualities in their wives; economist in kitchen, artist in home and devil in bed. But they are getting; artist in kitchen, devil in home and economist in bed”. Ohooo…what “a perfect conclusion”! Well, may be it’s too sensitive for women to be granted like this way especially wives like me. But then, I see it’s simply telling us the truth, the reality in which is out of our consideration at times. Why must be denied??
Does it sound unfair? I don’t think so! Men have their own qualities in their women even before they get married, and so as women. Nothing’s going wrong in it, they just wanna be honest anyway! Let’s get a perspective into our mind…it’s reflecting both hopes and confession of our men..:)
Ready to be challenged?? Mmh….why not??


  1. wah mbak, kenapa ya kok saya rasanya masih speechless..belum mood..

  2. hahahahaha....
    artist in kitchen, devil in home and economist in bed
    oh my oh my....
    in kitchen, aku emang gk bisa masak hehe, in home? gaklah...aku istri yg baik hati & tidak sombong hihihi...in bed? mudah2an tetep hot hahahah.... oops!

  3. @mama hilda: it's okay...yang sabar...kehilangan membuat kita semakin belajar ttg arti seseorang dalam hidup kita...
    @teh linda: setuju?? hehe

  4. salutt ajah ama koment nya teh linda....heheheheeh

  5. hmm...gimana yaaa..???...hehehe
    tanya suamiku dulu deh, diriku termasuk dlm 3 kategori ini gak yaa...???

  6. get married it's sound nice but i dunno when it's come to me.

  7. @buwel: sama...salute :)
    @mbak tisti: hihi...pasti dunk, tapi yg mana nich d first or second? hehe *kidding :)
    @rachmat: yes, it is...curious??


Thanks dear...happy shopping and sharing :)