22 July 2009

unforgettable esplanade

It was happening years ago when I was pregnant my first baby...but a day dream this morning took me back to those unique moments which I'd like to share u :)

A friend of mine who is half Russian and has married to Singaporean invited me and my husband to come to Singapore joining them on New Year party...ahaa, it's really bewitched offer!! thought not to lose it...! But then, our plan was stagnant as we knew that Singapore regulations restricted foreigners to get in the country if they're on their old pregnancy. Ya ya, it's normally happened anywhere for d reason that they could consciously come to delivering babies and get benefit from being citizenship there....and how unlucky me, was on d eighth month of my pregnancy in that time!! huuh...

I was very sad, until my friend called me back and told me that they had a good idea. Ahai, sounds very good on me!! They said, "u go from KL (I was living in KL) to Johor Bahru, then we would pick u up there by car, cos -if we took a car- immigration usually would not go through on checking everyone of us, we just needed to give them our passports and they would took a peep from rift of our car. Like a genius, my friend straightly put some magazines and her jacket on my stomach concealing my pregnancy...and...they nodded!! huffhhh...that was really tensing!! oh, thanks God!
We spent couple of days enjoying the lion country, it was nice and wonderful!! My friend and her family treated us very very well...their kindness was awfully worth!!

The peak agenda was coming, enjoying New Year party on Esplanade...ohhooo! I like this part!! It was about 4 hours to 12 o'clock, Esplanade was very great and beautiful! The lighted balloons were scattered on d river and telling us about romance...whoooaa...wanna go back there!! Spending hours, we went to a big cinema which was not really far from there, and just need to walk away for about 25 minutes. The movie was entitled "the chronicle of Narnia" which I loved too...and we finally drew near 12 o'clock, and got a move on reaching Esplanade by taxi!! But...how pity!! We got traffic jam, stagnant...no move at all!! Drivers were beginning to scramble on screaming through their horns, ohh...how rustling!! I thought not to lose the special moment, so I told my friend, "we'd to get out off this taxi and run"...haaa?? my friend was surprised but then just followed by me...go go...I run..run and run...even some of people were starring questionably on me..."an old pregnant woman was running in d middle of d night, among d people's festivity"...hehe...these words must be in their mind!! Even my husband and friend told me loudly, "hiii, remember u're pregnant!! be careful! are u crazy??"...hmmm, I just didn't know, like there's something pushed me to do those "madness" hihi...or that must be my baby wish?? ahhh...anyway, thanks God that I got my baby boy safely and healthy...he's so cute, strong, tough and naughty like "his mom"...:)
Mmmhh...I think I would like to tell this story to him later...:))


  1. wah, mesti nranslate dulu nih..

  2. eight months pregannacy and you run??oh no.. I cant imagine it.

  3. I guess that must be unforgetable memory..i can't imagine on ur eight month pregnacy n u still be able to run..
    chronicle of narnia, that's a lovely movie, we've been watching for several times but even still i love to watch it..

  4. @yanuar: hehe...paling ga got d point dech, gausah buka kamus...capee'....hehe, thanks for dropping by my blog :)
    @nietha: it was nice dear!! thanks for commenting, lam kenal yach...
    @mama hilda: if u plan to get pregnant, u may try it next time...hahaha...yes!! absolutely good movie!

  5. esplanade..hmm...kalo malam lebih indah ya. lam kenal juga.

  6. ummm..interesting story. i wish i would have a baby too just like you. btw, nice to know you.

  7. same same with yanuar, just get the main things. hiii....

    yeha... may i koment on indonesian? yah jah sok ngerti english. tapi, ah klo ketauan ga gimana gimana ya mbak?

    saya follow jg ya mbak ^ ^

  8. @suzhu: you would dear...;)
    @moccha: diee...nyantai aja lagii, pake bahasa planet juga gpp kok...hihi...:)

  9. dateng terus follow this blog, hihikz


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