30 May 2009

don't be naughty!

Today morning, when I still enjoy my lazy time with my blanket, my little boy is innocently starring at me and say, "Mama I want to tell u something, give me ur ear please..."! Ahai, my boy is playing with the secret now...right when I get close to him, he straightly whispers me some words, "Mama, please don't be naughty today, okay...? just be sweet and lovable!" Oh my dear....!! I even don't know what on his mind when telling me this "warning"...he seems so serious...:))
But yes, we sometimes did not realize that wise words are often being told by our children. What they say is simply what they feel in their hearts. Children are sincere, innocent and brainy in their own unique way. So as parents, we essentially have a task to guide them, not to bound them in our propensities and ambitions. Just let them grow and flow with their life...they do need a space to express their potentials naturally.
My dear boy, thanks for teaching me about something! All what I do is merely the way I express my love to you...I promise not to be naughty honey..not only today, but all along....:)


  1. being naughty kenapa mbak..hayoo di tinggal ngenet mlulu ya hahahaha

    Yes sometime wise words come out from our kids, its okay to hear their opinion. they just want to share something with u..

  2. Bukan...he2, aku lagi suka nyubitin dia...abis, duh...lagi macem2 dech tingkahnyaa...he2

  3. hihihi.. naughty mom..

  4. nnah terus kira2 ngerti massage si lil' babe nya gk? kira2 apa iiah?!?!?

  5. it's a kinda blogwalking or something... just dropping by to say 'happy week end'


Thanks dear...happy shopping and sharing :)