23 May 2009

something about woman

I know I have to be tough, to be patient, to be wise seeing any kind of problems…but I do confess that I am not that’s perfect! Perfection is not the nature of human…’cos the only perfect Being is God, our Lord. I hope I know well what my weaknesses are, thus I hopefully could deal with and lead it to good way I should be.
It is He, Who created woman with the touch of sensitiveness, for positive reason, that she would becoming mother, which is essential to have such kind of sensitive character to express affections, loves and cares. Hence, woman is an active giver, and is being strong for their loves. Woman who loves to cry, does not mean she’s weak all the way, and so does woman who loves not to cry, does not mean she’s strong either…women are just women, they remain different to men, in thoughts, feelings, characters and strengths. Thus I’m so wondering why men wish their women to go all the way they are thinking at times. They always want us to be rational all the means, and tears are not rational to their way! Well then, to me, using your ratio is a must, but do a balance with your feeling! ‘cos feeling would mostly listens to your heart rather than ratio. Ratio is the product of brain, and feeling is the product of heart. And both have the same task to balance the way of thinking. Women possibly could not reflect their minds through words on the spot, and usually wait for the appropriate time to say something. Please…just give us enough time to think or even to cry, we do have our own world in there…..


  1. wah lagi curhat nih mbak..
    postingannya kok sensi..come on..be the way you are aja mbak..to cry or not to cry, option is yours..

  2. hehe...tau aja! comment nya jadi bikin sensi juga nich...he2


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