18 May 2009

Happy Anniversary

Still remember how hard me and my husband build our life at first months of our marriage…commitment lies in a relationship could not be an absolute guarantee that u would be doing a happy life with someone. An ego is the reason of most couples have to break their relationship. Building a good relationship with our couples and keeping it grow naturally is not as easy as we think. So let us talk about goodness and similarities rather than weakness and differences. Love has no tendencies of being competed one another…it more talks about “take and give”…u love someone because u wanna love him so…truly with “his whole package”, which is inside, u may find something u do not like, but u would try to accept it too.
Today is a special day for me…it has been six years, me and my husband, share our life through such means of togetherness. Laughs, debates, cries, fights and simple jokes…make our relationship grows firmly day by day…even our lovely kids make our life more beautiful and colorful..thanks for this pretty great blessing God...so many thanks...

It has been six years
Together we cry...together we laugh..
Sharing our hearts with such great feelings
Thanks for being a nice friend...a real lover...
and a good father for our kids...
May we keep our love till the end of our life
Happy anniversary honey...


1 comment:

  1. happy wedding anniversary ya mbak..semoga semakin mawaddah wa rahmah dalam mengarungi bahtera kehidupan.
    6 tahun ya mbak..beda sebulan aja dong sama saya kalo gitu.


Thanks dear...happy shopping and sharing :)