02 November 2009

no place like home

No matter how simple a home is, it must be like a real paradise for those who stay in there. To some people, especially me, it seem like d most comfortable place compared to any coziest place in this world. And only in home, we can be d real we are, no pretending, no denying…uhm, so private!
Home gives us such kind of freedom which we rarely get in another place, wherein we have our own rules and regulations. Even some people like to get their deadlines at home, with a cup of coffee and some cookies. Ahhaa, love that moments!!
So, why not we create our own Starbucks at home? Great ideas may simply come from a long night we have in a little place called home….
Home...with its warmness, its comfort call us to always come n come again. There are more spaces for us to get relax after an exhausted day...yes, there's no place like home :)


  1. thank you thank ukti motivation has been simple visit to my house

  2. hmmm...create a house corner like cafe. ah, yea..i always do this, every lazy afternoon, there is a cup of cappuccino sachets (coffee macchiata late wanna be hehehe)

    sometimes, ideas come from that relaxing moment.

    *ngopi dulu, ahh...*

  3. @kurniawan: thanks ya udah mampir
    @mbak tisti: betul mbak...:) hehe suka ngopi juga ya? sama dunk :)


Thanks dear...happy shopping and sharing :)