06 April 2009

me and cooking

Not to be denying myself...I'm not really good in cooking! I mean "not really", do not mean "not good" at all! I do cook well sometimes..hi hi..and always be sure about its taste...even though it may suddenly change on other's tongue! :)
I still remember how my mother was getting angry to me when I always ran away from helping her cooking...u know, a Javanese tradition required their girls to be smart in cooking! my granny often advised me to do so...yeah, I knew d reason was "if u are able to cook well, u would absolutely be a good wife...spoiling ur husband with ur nice cooks!" and d result is...ur husband never want to search for another cook (read: wife) as well! wow, sooo classic reason!! I know it has a good purpose, but I do not agree with d final result anyway! marrying someone is not about marrying a cook...it shouldn't be a comparative. To marry u need to love, and to love u need to accept sincerely whom u loved.
I think women naturally have an ability to cook...specially when they have married. Cooking would turn to be their demand. It's not a big deal babe! I do thank God that my husband take easy about it, and this what every husbands should do. He even cooks for me at many times...n it's furious! his cooks even taste more delicious than mine...he he, I do confess! why not? husbands should spoil their wives as well...
Herewith, I would also love to support every husbands to always grant their wives for d home-made cook - no matter it taste - even only by d single word of "thank u"....it's really mean much for us!!


  1. hehe..wah mbak, kalau saya kudu bisa mau tidak mau, lha anak saya kepingin bakso, mie ayam siomay atau bubur ayam, kemana belinya heheehehe..makanya kalau stok bakso di freezer habis selalu nyetok lagi, berjuang didapur deh, bikin bakso buat anak-anak..
    tapi kalo hari libur sabtu minggu hehehe gantian piket bapaknya anak-anak yang masak..

  2. My wife does not like cooking.

  3. @mama hilda: wah, kamu mah emang ga diragukan lagi, gaya masaknya aja udah ala chef bo! he he, emang kalo buat anak2 lbh bagus kita masak sendiri say, aku juga sering kok masak begituan, kalo masalah rasa no kesekian dech, yg penting jadi dulu..hi hi
    @tikno: it's okay..she would love to someday :) thanks, please convey my best regards for her!


Thanks dear...happy shopping and sharing :)