31 March 2009

something about kids

I still remember when I was child I’d like to follow everything which my big brothers did…n now these resembles on my little kids. My three year old boy likes to act as his father while his little sister whom is still 1,5 year old tends to be like her brother. Kids are always follow after us, our deeds remain in their mind. In this case, our consideration on giving them good examples n being such kind figures is a must! We should make sure that they have their rights as children to be affected, cared and educated as well.
As time goes by, they will grow up and we may see that they begin to make us proud or be rude at times. And herewith our patience and sincerity are examined. Kids are our never-ending wealth….do give them everything and never hope it back! No matter what they could be…only one thing we have to realize that every kids have their own goodness and weakness, it’s us who should guide them to d best way they might be…
It’s not an easy thing…but I hope I could…

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