22 March 2009

why not?

I just don’t care about being “blog-queen” or “hot-blogger” or whatever people say for those who write like magic which every single word written become a miracle, quoted by other people or even valued many dollars.
What I care is just how to express what I feel, what I think, what I believe in and what I do….freeing both soul and mind. I have fallen in love with writing long…long time ago and just wanna write as much as I could. And I’m not in the way of telling people that I do very good in English, so that I prefer to write in it!! No, I’m not! (I know my English is not excellent but also not too bad…:) No matter what, I just wanna do it and I get my sense through this…somehow seem like a chemistry..yay! he he..
My big boss ever told me anyway, “we need not to be shy or feel embarrassed to be “not very good-spoken” English, just talk the way u are”. Got it, dear??


Thanks dear...happy shopping and sharing :)