16 January 2010

Several way to design your site with the images

One way to design your site to use the images from the central and basic color scheme and other images from design. This works very well if you have something like a logo or photo to work.
Placing the picture on the website is needed to enhance your appearance and improve the content of the posting, there are several ways to place pictures on a website and make it much faster in loading. This is to provide convenience for visitors to open our blog.

Beautify your blog with the image requires precision in choosing the design drawings, some pictures we can get for free on the internet. but if you decide to make their own pictures, you should first learn How to create a website that looks good so we can place the image and adjust it with whole page of website.

I am always looking for design ideas. When I find a site that is well designed, I bookmark it so that when I am beginning a new design I can review it to get ideas for my own site.

I also look at the winners of design awards and web designers’ sites. Because these sites are well designed, you can learn a lot from them.


  1. Wow im sorry.....dont understand coz my english is so poor.....btw how are you sister?

  2. selamat malam,..akhirnya mba zahra posting jg.
    apa kabar mba??
    kemana aja nih,kangen mba....

  3. Nah.., dah update lagi... Apa kabar ?

  4. Apa ini, Mbak?
    *garuk-garuk kepala*

  5. makin makmur aja ne mbak...
    dari BV ya mbak?

  6. Walaaaaah...sekalinya nongol pake bahasa sono lagi, bikin bang Pendi puyeng aja...he..he. Tapi ajarin dong mba...ngedisain blognya !

  7. Usually I'm using Photoshop for editing and then save it for web.


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